Cookie Walk
Cookie Walk

United Women in Faith Cookie Walk

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United Women in Faith are excited to announce that cookies will be back December 10. FUMC’s UWF will again be selling delicious cookies and specialty items on Sunday, December 10 in the gathering area near the Sanctuary from 10-10:50 AM and after the 11:00 service. We will be selling several sizes of pre-boxed assorted cookies to support local missions.

Due to Covid 19, our previous annual Cookie Walk did not occur. Rather, UWF conducted a NO-Walk Cookie Walk in 2020, 21 and 22 to raise mission funds. Through our cookie fund, the UWF provides meals for Habitat workers, the WCU Wesley Foundation, Haywood County’s Alternative Learning Center, gives Haywood Vocational Opportunities’ birthday parties, and makes donations to Brooks-Howell Home and local non-profits, such as the Pigeon Center and REACH.

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Dec 10





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