Thoughts of FUMC Waynesville

By Bob & Sarah Hunter | 2023-12-23 | 2 min read

We have just finished the Thanksgiving season and the end of the church year and are entering the seasons of Advent and Christmas and the beginning of a new year for Christians. As we think of these wonderful seasons of the church and of our lives, FUMC-Waynesville comes to our minds: the lasting friendships developed there, the positive impact of FUMC on the community, the welcoming inclusivity of the congregation, and the depth and loving care the pastors, staff, and lay leaders provide for everyone whose lives they touch. Thank you for enriching our lives in so many ways through so many individuals. We appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge our very meaningful experiences at FUMC-W and thank Linda Henley for requesting we write a note to all of you. We wish for all the community the many blessings of Advent and Christmas! 

-Bob and Sarah Hunter

Advent Prayer

O God, Advent, this high holy season, forces us to come down from the height ofSelf centered mess and embrace a finite and broken world. We see more clearly that we are not perfect and that we wreak havoc when we try to soar too far above ourselves. We remain weak, ignorant, often silly, forgetting that you invite us into a world of possibility. Advent and Christmas calls us to your world, strangely graced by the “Logos”, your very word, becoming flesh and dwelling among us. You surprised us with a baby in Bethlehem, surprise us again, O God, with a new spirit in our times and with greater love in our hearts, so that the “time being”, between Christmas and forever, be a time when we redeem every day and, with true humility remembering that Christianity is a way, not a state, and a Christian is never something which one is, but something we pray to become. Amen

Prayer used by Drew. Jim Gilland for the Faith Sunday School Class December 2013

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