The God We Can Know

By Rev. Keith Turman | 2024-02-07 | 2 min read

In the Gospel of John, Jesus gives us the "I Am" sayings—meaningful metaphors and vivid images capturing our imagination, and revealing Jesus’ identity and purpose. During the season of Lent, First United Methodist Church is embarking on a 7-week journey with Rob Fuquay, former pastor of Long’s Chapel United Methodist Church, who explores wha

t Jesus meant when he said “I am the Bread of Life; the Light of the World; the Good Shepherd; the True Vine; the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the Resurrection and the Life.”

Each chapter of the Lenten study book, The God We Can Know, features commentary on Scripture and interesting stories from Fuquay’s personal experiences to help connect the “I Am” sayings to our lives. Short video segments filmed in the Holy Land will take

us on location to where the “I Am” sayings of Jesus actually were spoken. The gospel comes to life as we move from the Judean wilderness to the Galilean hills and into the heart of Jerusalem.

One by one, the "I Am" sayings of Jesus help us to experience God, who spoke the first "I Am" to Moses. During our 2024 Lenten Journey, in worship, daily devotion, and small group experiences, we will discover the joy of knowing God, and seek to answer Jesus' question to us, “Who do you say I am?”

Each Sunday in Lent, beginning Sunday, February 18, through Easter Sunday, March 31, pastors Keith and Rob will preach the “I Am” sayings of Jesus. In addition to joining worship experiences in-person and online, we encourage you to join a small group or class to discuss The God We Can Know. At least three opportunities are currently available. Donna Gaither will lead a women’s group on Sunday evenings at 5:00 p.m., beginning February 18th. Keith will lead a group following lunch on Wonderful Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., and Rob will team up with Rufus and Debbie Thomas to lead a group in their home. If you are interested in facilitating a study group in your home, forming a group to meet at the church, or participating in the study on your own, please contact the church office so we can assist you with your plans. You may order study materials online at amazon.com, cokesbury.com, or the Upper Room store.

The God We Can Know

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