For Mom

By Ben Turman | 2021-10-22 | 1 min read

They tell me the world
as we know it collapsed.
Empires and fortunes
all fell to the axe.
Nightmares by evening
bred nightmares by day.
They tell me humanity
succumbed to a plague.

The last thing I saw
as the muscles went slack,
when I gave up my mind,
and it all went to black,
was the darkening image
of a kind woman’s face
holding my hand
in my family’s place.

Survival was hung
on the edge of a knife!
It drug me through hell
but it spared me my life.
And the first thing I saw
as I sidestepped that death,
as I slowly came to
and drew in a breath,
was a radiant vision
of a kind woman’s face
new lines on her forehead
but tenfold in grace.

May 2020

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