All the Good: A Wesleyan Way of Christmas

By Rev. Keith Turman | 2021-11-19 | 2 min read

We are excited to offer three ways to experience, All the Good: A Wesleyan Way of Christmas, an inspiring journey through Advent with John Wesley’s means of grace.

Advent Sermon Series. Beginning November 28 in our Online, Awakening, and Traditional worship services, Becky and Keith will preach sermons using All the Good as a primary re- source. Together we will explore the scriptures, reflect on Wesleyan theology, and seek fresh experiences and deeper understandings of the Advent season. All services can be watched on our YouTube Channel found at www.youtube.com/fumcwaynesville

Small Group Experiences. We invite your small group or Sunday school class to embark on this four-week journey where a group of diverse Wesleyan scholars will help us explore the practices in John Wesley’s means of grace, discover Methodist history, and connect it all to the message of Christmas. We will cover things like why we practice Advent, ways we can pray during the season, and Wesleyan responses to God’s love and mercy. If you’re interested in joining the journey but don’t have a group, give us a call. We’ll help you get connected. We have All the Good books in the Front Office ($9.00) that can be picked up during the week for you to use for small group study or individual use.

Devotions for the Season. Contact the church office if you would like a copy of All the Good: A Wesleyan Way of Christmas: Devotions for the Season. The devotional book ($7.00) contains thirty-one daily devotions for the season of Advent, based on a selection of Scriptures and reflections on John Wesley’s means of grace. Written by pastors and other Christian leaders, the devotions celebrate and bring together practices of good in the season of Advent in light of our Wesleyan tradition. The book can be picked up in the Front Office during the week.

-Rev. Keith Turman

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